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Faster Browsing

OKay, the other day my ISP’s DNS went down and my browsing came to a screeching halt. This made me aware of DNS issues. I had an iPhone so I searched for Comcast being down and got Google’s display of tweets about the issue. And they said to try using Google’s DNS at After [...]

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WordPress, nginx, and Dreamhost

So I found the blog to be slow, really slow. I checked my memory and cpu usage and it seemed all normal. The command ps -eF was useful for listing processes, but my host also has a graph of used resources and it all looked well within my limits. I learned about apache benchmark and [...]

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I received my new iMac yesterday right before I had to leave to teach a class. It is an impressive sight. I am now setting it up. The long running task I have is getting iTunes setup from my old library. I am copying the old iTunes onto my machine then I will combine it [...]

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