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On Event Loops in node.js

The wonderful environment of node.js uses an event loop rather than threading to deal with multiple incoming requests and more. Threading is tricky, or so I have been told. Event loops are less tricky, or so I have been told. Why? I think the key reason is that threads are running at their own pace, [...]

Decorating the Truth with God

On a good day, I might say that religion decorates falsehoods with God. On a bad day, I might quote Richard Dawkins. Still, God is a resonant idea with many of us. And I believe that is because there is a God. But religion adds a lot of stuff to the core idea of God. [...]

Working Out the Developer Flow

I like JavaScript. So that means I have chosen Node.js and MongoDB as my server language and database. After all, Node.js is JavaScript on the server and MongoDB uses JSON as its basic data format and also for its query objects. Having just one language to work with is a complete joy. The browserify package [...]

Eventing Functions

The thing to keep in mind as one begins a life of coding is that writing code that works is relatively easy. You are in the flow, you can get it to work. No problem, just a little cut-and-paste-and-modify. But maintenance grows ever more difficult. To get a better maintenance experience, I am now experimenting [...]

iPhone4S: The Low Light Challenge

I recently acquired an iPhone4S. It is a nice phone as is the iPhone4. It has a voice personal assistant which is entertaining and possibly useful, but it was not my motivation for purchasing it. Rather, I take lots of baby photos. I have shot thousands of photos of my baby since she was born [...]

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The rise and fall of The Falls by Google

The day the music died

It has been a long time since I cried.  I can’t even recall the last time. These past few years have been amazing with my wife and now my daughter. Life is amazing and wonderful. I think the last time I encountered death was 5 years ago and that was of someone waiting to die. [...]


Every project for me seems to go through the same loop. Have exciting idea. Do some quick prototyping, making messy code, but it works. Refactor into “cleaner” code that deals with some structural bugs. Get it working back to where it was before. Go “Wow!” it works. And then silence. What’s next? Every step is [...]


So a recent post about the new Firefox versioning policy made me think about it a bit more closely. That post was concerned with how Firefox is weakening the meaning of versioning. But to me, the question is, as with grade inflation and economic inflation, what are the ramifications of this inflation. For economics, it is [...]

MacBook Air

So I ordered a new MacBook Air a week or so ago on a Friday. It started in Shanghai, China and by Tuesday, it was on my doorstep. That amazes me. The device is also pretty nice. It is light, works fast, and I can use it pretty well. The key to efficient working though [...]