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Stop infinity with the power of $.maxStop()

Tired of infinite loops? Infinite recursion got you stuck? Tired of introducing meaningless count variables just beat the scourge of an unresponsive script? Then I’ve got the tool for you. Hot off the assembly lines, tested thoroughly in rugged environments across the landscape, $.maxStop() will stop the horizontal eight in its tracks! To use: Kills [...]

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Matryoshka, you $.russianDolls

So as I have been rewriting my code, I found that I wanted to add more and more behavior on top of each other. For example, as I create symbols, I want to have some of them process a value on startup. Or I want to have checking behavior added to the usual processing. So [...]

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A real $.push over

How do we add an element to an array in JavaScript? If arr is an array, then arr.push(element) adds the element to the array. Nice and simple. But what if we have obj.arr? Well, then obj.arr.push(element) works. But what if arr might not exist? If we do the above and arr does not exist, then [...]

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