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The Role of the Infinite in the Finite

I am a big proponent of there being only a finite number of numbers. Yes, I know the argument about their being an infinite number of natural numbers: assume not, take the largest one, add one. And it really is that infinity which lets in all the rest, as far as I can tell. Here [...]

On the job mathematics

So last night, I ended the spring semester teaching. Two of my four students remarked as they were leaving, “This was a great semester” which is nice to hear. The last student to leave was the one on my side of the video camera. So we sat and talked for awhile. He loved the guesstimation [...]


GeoGebra is an awesome program. I plan on doing something with stuff I am working on, but just to give a taste: Using GeoGebra, one can setup very easily a quadratic approximation to a function at a point. Then drag the point on the function showing how the quadratic approximation changes. In particular, through an [...]