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A response to “Quick Impressions of Bohmian Mechanics”

This is written as a response to: Quick Impressions of Bohmian Mechanics —-Addressed to the author of that blog. I applaud you for taking the time to read about Bohmian Mechanics. Just as a word of warning,  Shelly Goldstein was my PhD advisor and  I consider myself to be very lucky to have worked with [...]

E8 theory

Just came across a theory of everything in which all of the stuff is incorporated into a single connection over spacetime. This looks very appealing to me. I think I will try to understand this in the context of Bohmian mechanics and my own work on differential geometry as part of quantum stuff. The [...]

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So on Friday 13, 2009, I did a major rewrite of the Bohmian mechanics page on wikipedia. It has been needed for a long time and now it is there. Now others can go in and refine it as the base has been dealt with. It is exciting and something the Bohmian community has wanted [...]