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Return to Programming

It is a New Year and I miss programming. Somehow two months have passed and I have not programmed during that time. It is hard to imagine how time slips through my fingers. But I will begin in earnest tomorrow. I have already reviewed some of my own posts to get back into the game. [...]

Facebook clog

Facebook’s founder got man of the year from Time. Whatever one thinks about that label, it just puzzles me. Why did that guy succeed? And by this, I have two questions, really. Why Facebook over other social networks? But even more so, why do people like Facebook, or Twitter for that matter? First, my pet [...]

More on Wisdom vs. Intelligence

I wrote about web development and its relation to the wisdom/intelligence division of DnD. Now I write about science and this idea. Specifically, physics since that is what I do, but taxonomy (intelligence of categorization) vs. evolution (wise insight as to the how and why we got here) tells me that the other sciences probably [...]

Web Design as DnD

So I play DnD (Dungeons&Dragons, role-playing game). I also do web development. I do neither very well,  but I do get inspired in both. Right now I play a cleric half-orc named Mord. He has a blog. But I digress. The DnD world has two main types of magic. Arcane magic for wizards and sorcerers; [...]


With the internet, Netflix, Amazon, and Apple, we might just one day arrive at the promised land of no stuff, just a flask, a pan, a knife, a pair of chopsticks, an iPad, and, if you insist, some clothes.


The Writer’s Tale: Ch. 3

In this chapter, Russell talks about how he might be a bastard. He talks about his cold ruthlessness with people who are not performing well, including firing a 12-year old actress who just wasn’t good enough. He also talks about how he had a one-night stand (years ago) and left at 5AM to do some [...]

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More from the writer’s tale

As I read more (just through chapter 2), I am amazed how it speaks to me. He talks about going through days of just devoted to writing without any writing. The ideas are there and I can’t see any reason why he does not proceed, but he does not. In the same way, I find [...]

A Writer’s Tale

Reading A Writer’s Tale by Russell Davies. In it he talks about making choices and lots of ideas floating. And about how the structure that is purported by others such as keys to character development, is not his style. It got me wondering about teaching and programming. Ideas are swirling around in my head all [...]

A New Day

Today I take my first steps into blogging. The goal is to record the mythic journey of creation of a logos masterpiece. My hope is to create a series of materials and methods that will lead to free minds. This will be the story of assembling the materials and how-to’s so that myself and others [...]